Directed by Pituka Ortega Heilbron



Sacrifictum ha sido la primera película en ser transmitida (streamed) por internet en el site,  hé aquí alguno de los muchos comentarios favorables que ha recibido este cortometraje experimental.




Technical Information:

Hypatia Films in co production with Jakan films presents, Sacrifictum

Short film,  produced and post produced in digital video  and transferred to 35mm.

Duration: 26 minutes

Hypatia Films
Apartado 850053
Panamá 5, República de Panamá
Telefax:  507- 223 6903

Directed, written and executive producer
Pituka Ortega Heilbron

Director of photography
José Luis Vázquez

Nelson Rodriguez Zurbarán

Marie Claire Fontaine

Dino Nugent

Location sound
Carlos Aguilar

Camera assistants
Enrique Castro
Eric Santos

Editing assistant
Máximo Ochy

Production assistant
Lorena Arosemena



Nyra Soberón

Juliette Roy

Joaquín Carrasquilla

Patricia Tello Vallarino

Especial appearance
Elidia Rosa Vergara
Eusebia Moya

Post production
Hypatia Films


Merits: Finalist at the Cuban Film Festival
Cartagena Film Festival
Chicago Latino Film Festival

Rating: 5
“Very engrossing! This film is a very strong
documentary. I enjoyed it.”
brent (11/15/00)
Laguna Beach, CA, United States

Rating: 4
“I really enjoyed this film. Hearing all the
women’s stories was both interesting and
touching. “
gypsy (11/15/00)

Rating: 5
“Very powerful look into the lives of
Panamaniam women’s lives. As a breakthrough
movie in Panama, this movie has more of a
universal theme for women around the world. A
deep look into submission, strength, and just
how far humans will go in supression. The
movie has a unique arrangement, which gives it
a different flavor – almost like a
mini-documentary with dramatic theatrical
influences. It is a movie that goes deeper within
the heart and focuses on the overall power of
human nature.”
bhisoler (11/14/00)

Rating: 5
“I cried all over my keyboard during this.”
blondebombshell (11/14/00)